Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi Officer

Officer Duties Include:
– Be accountable for everything that the chapter does or fails to do.

– Know all of the requirements laid out in Sigma Chi’s Ritual, Governing Laws and policies, as well as with all chapter bylaws and campus regulations and make sure these standards are followed.

– Maintain the integrity of of  the proper performance of the Ritual.

– Guard the security of the chapter’s charter, Ritual and Ritualistic materials.

– Preside over the Alpha chapter meetings and chapter affairs as is appropriate.

– Maintain a broad knowledge of all chapter activities.

– Work with the Grand Praetor, the chapter advisor, chapter alumni and Headquarters in guiding the affairs of the chapter.

– Acquaint all officers with the extent and importance of their duties, delegate authority and responsibility to these officers, and ensure these duties and responsibilities are carried out.

– Maintain a close relationship with university administrators and with officers of other campus fraternities and sororities.

– See that chapter administrative affairs are handled promptly and that orderly chapter administrative files are maintained.

– Maintain high standards of chapter scholarship, discipline, etiquette, morals and hospitality as a reflection of the Ritual of Sigma Chi.

– Conduct himself so as to always deserve the respect and cooperation of all brothers.

– Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.

Name                       Year           Email
Chad Buecker            96   

Dustin Buecker         92   

Chris Shimala            92  

Rob Fischer                 92   

Rob Hornback            92   

Craig Hedric               83   

Justin Hedric             04   

John Sullivan             88  

Jim Sullivan               92  

John Weber                 92   

Dave Whisner            71   

David Maloney          84   

Jim Stradley              84   

Jim Hyer                    80   

Mike Bertz                  91              bertz@mindspring

Steve Hvalin              02    

Dan Shaker                92