Update Your Contact Information

Please send an email with your new address, preferred email, and phone to alphaofsigmachi@yahoo.com  It would be great to hear from brothers who have moved within last 3-5 years to ensure our records are accurate.

Submit a 2016/2017 rush recommendation

The colony will be holding rush in the fall for upperclassmen and January 2017 for freshmen.  Please send any referrals to Consul Luke Walker (walkerl4@miamioh.edu); Rush Chair Seth Badger (badgerss@miamioh.edu); and Rush Chair Myles McKernin (mckernm2@miamioh.edu) along with copying alphaofsigmachi@yahoo.com.

Contact the Chapter

Office Email
Consul Luke Walker walkerl4@miamioh.edu
Pro-Consul Jack Fetick fetickje@miamioh.edu
Quaestor Vinny Ruberto rubertvp@miamioh.edu
Magister Grant Lanning laningge@miamioh.edu
Connor Huelsman (Assistant) huelsmcj@miamioh.edu
Risk Manager Brandon Butcher butchebj@miamioh.edu
Recruitment Chairmen Myles McKernin mckernm2@miamioh.edu
Seth Badger badgerss@miamioh.edu
Social Marc Zuzulo zuzolomj@miamioh.edu
Alex Liscum liscumaj@miamioh.edu

Read Archived News on the Site

On the top menu, go to “News” and select the drop down menu item “Archives.”

Help Keep More Brothers in the Loop

Go to the “Connect” button to the site and select “search members.” Then you will be asked to log in. Once you do that, you can search for other members.

Read Updates on Other Brothers

In the top menu head to Alumni Profiles, then select Alumni Updates in the drop down menu.

Connect with Facebook

Log in to the site with your username and password you received in your email. Then click the connect tab and select “sign in with Facebook.” This will import your user status and avatar from Facebook.