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March 23, 2017 – Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi – Colony Update

Over the past 6 months the Sigma Chi Alpha Colony has continued to make major progress in our journey towards the re-installation of the Alpha Chapter on Miami University’s campus. The colony’s Phase One report (which focused on solidifying internal operations) was successfully submitted to the Sigma Chi Headquarters on November 1 and accepted by them a few weeks later. Phase two report is due on February 14th.

On the recruitment front, the Alpha Colony is prospering with the addition of a significant number of outstanding young men. Ten new
members accepted bids in September and were initiated two months later. The colony is currently undergoing formal recruitment with the goal of accepting 25 to 27 exceptional new members. Total membership of the colony is expected to be around 55 to 60 by the end of the recruitment period.

Academically, the Sigma Chi Alpha Colony continues to set a high standard for other Greek organizations on campus. As a group, we currently maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.26. This ranks second among all fraternities and is notably higher than the Miami fraternity average of 3.12. One of our members was selected for the President’s List with a 4.0 semester GPA. Additionally, eight colony members were selected for the Dean’s List.Our current academic goal is for all members to exceed a 3.4 GPA in the coming semester.
This is an ambitious yet achievable goal.

The Alpha Colony’s campus involvement has also continued to expand with brothers currently participating within 34 different organizations and extra-curricular groups.These groups include the Associated Student Government, Miami University Club Rowing Team, Miami Film Society, Asset Management Club and High Street Start-Ups. We now have three varsity athletes in our ranks:one member of the Miami Redhawks football team (Myles McKernin) and two members of the varsity swim team (Jacob Precious and Robbie Newman). Going forward, the colony is working on the submission of a successful Phase Two report. This report focuses on external operations and will involve the colony completing projects of community service, hosting a faculty appreciation event, being covered by a local paper or publication, and other operations.The excitement for installation is growing daily and we are thrilled to bring back this prestigious and historic chapter to its home.

I look forward to meeting you on April 28-29. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or input.

Luke Walker

Alpha Chapter of Sigma Chi: Officers for 2016-2017 School Year

With the return of Sigma Chi to the campus of Miami University underway, the members of the Sigma Chi Alpha have elected officers for the 2016-2017 school year. Recently elected officers are:

Consul Luke Walker

Pro-Consul – Jack Fetick

Quaestor Vinny Ruberto

Magister  Grant Lanning

Assistant – Connor Huelsman

Risk Manager  Brandon Butcher

Letter from Luke Walker,Consul


Due to the unparalleled financial support and generosity of Jack Anderson ‘47, our
colony had the opportunity to send a record number of fourteen members to Balfour this
past weekend. With our current status as a Colony, we were separated from the main
breakout groups sessions of Balfour and had the privilege to work with an awesome
Expansion Team that had been put together.

These expansion team meetings were extremely hands on, geared towards us, and
immensely beneficial. These sessions relied heavily on financial matters, effeciency in
meetings, membership activity, proper recruitment, alumni relations, school
relations, and many more. I can say that we are now miles ahead of where we were prior
to our attendance of Balfour and we would not be in the same shape without it.

As a colony, we mapped out an in-depth analysis of the semester to come, and set
our goals for not only ourselves, but for the colony as a whole. This strategic plan will
essentially serve as our guide as we work our way through the semester and complete our
Phase Report, ultimately transitioning us into Phase 2 upon the acceptance of Phase 1.
I am honored, humbled, and privileged to serve as Consul for our Colony this year. I will uphold
myself as well as all colony members to the highest of standards, as we continue to embark
on our journey to change Greek life at Miami.

Sigma Chi is to serve as the premier and example fraternity for not only Greek life, but all
student organizations as a whole. We already have a solid foundation and I cannot wait to dig
deeper into our potential. Thank you all so much for the unparalleled support that we have
received. I look forward to working with you all as well as building our relationships more in the
future. I look forward to meeting many of you at Homecoming on September 17th.

Luke Walker – Consul

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